Toasted Grillers Served on Grilled Sourdough

  • Tuscan Chicken Griller: Freshly Grilled Chicken served on grilled Sourdough with lettuce, our very own sundried tomato pest, melted provolone cheese and a touch of basil pesto to top it off
  • Smokey Turkey Griller: Melted Cheddar Cheese, thinly sliced Turkey piled high, with smokey bacon, tomato, lettuce and ranch dressing. Served on Grilled Sourdough.
  • South Miami Cuban Griller: Thinly shaved ham and turkey with sweet and tangy honey mustard sauce, pickles, lettuce and melted American cheese. Served on Grilled Sourdough

    Deli Sandwiches Hot Off the Grill

  • Incredible Hot Club Deluxe Triple decker and delicious. We've created a fantastic combo of grilling our turkey, crisp bacon & ham then topping it all with melted provolone cheese.
  • Our Classic Cheeseburger fresh USDA ground beef, grilled and served on a toasted bun. $6.50 Four Bacon cheeseburger
  • Southwest Burger (Bob;s Burger) Zesty Pepperjack cheese & our freshly made salsa topping topping our 5 oz. Burger with lettuce and Tomato
  • Bruschetta burger - Freshly made bruschetta, (diced tomatoes, onions, green peppers with a touch of vinaigrette) basil and cheddar cheese atop our famous hand made Burger

    Famous since 1982 your choice of lettuce, tomato, mayo, vinaigrette, onions, hot peppers, pickles'7 inch Subs these are truly hearty subs!
  • Meatball Sub - A house specialty. We hollow our own roll and stuff with lots of marinara sauce, juicy meatballs and provolone cheese
  • Philly Cheesesteak - Lean, thin eyeroll steak that is grilled and smothered with a melted provolone
  • Turkey Breast - Hand sliced real breat of Turkey, served cold or hot
  • Cheeseburger - fresh USDA ground beef, grilled and served on a toasted roll
  • Tuna - light and chunky. We mix ours with Mayo only
  • Hot Ham & Cheese - Piled high with grilled thinly sliced hamd and melted American Cheese
  • Chicken Breast Sub - Our freshly marinated chicken breast topped with melted American Cheese
  • Italian Cold Cut - A popular favorite consisting of Genoa salami, pepperoni

    All sandwiches served with potato chips choice: lettuce, tomato, mayo, vinaigrette, onions, pickles

  • Served on a 12" Sundried Tomato Tortilla served with chips

  • Kentucky Fish Wrap - Lightly breaded and dusted with Soriano's special blend of citrus herbs & spices. Just a hint of tartar sauce, lettuce & tomatoes
  • Spinach & Chicken - Wonderful Tuscany flavors of Spinach, Feta Cheese, tomatoes, black olives and our famous grilled chicken
  • Grilled Chicken - Our large tomato basil wrap filled with marinated chicken, lettuce tomato & onions
  • Spicy Chicken Wrap - Our same marinated chicken that's spiced up a notch with chipotle ranch dressing, Lettuce tomatoes and onions.

    Our Salads are served in large chef salad size bowl.
    Italian, Ranch Chipotle Ranch, Parmesan Peppercorn, Raspberry Vinaigrette
  • Freshly Grilled Chicken - fresh grilled breast of chicken, served on mixed greens with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, carrots, cukes and onions
  • Nuts & Fruit Turkey - Real Turkey Breast served on top mixed salad greens, shredded cheddar, cucumbers, sweet dried craisins, diced apples and crunchy pecans (and a touch of mayo). We recommend the Raspberry Dressing to top it off
  • The Pittsburgh - We do ours with miced greens, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and top ot off Thin Eye Roll Steak, sauteed onions, green peppers and Provolone Cheese
  • Zesty Kentucky Chicken - Mixed salad greens, shredded cheddar, black beans, cukes, tomatoes topped off with bite size Crunchy chicken. Served with our famous Chipotle Ranch Dressing

    Fresh Soups Made Daily

    Freshly Brewed Columbian Coffee
    Hot Tea
    Hot Cocoa
    Juices: Orange Juice, Apple Juice (one size), V-8 (12oz)
    Milk, Chocolate Milk
    Assorted Bottled Drinks
    Sodas: Coke, Diet Coke, Sierra Mist, Root Beer, Pink Lemonade, Sweet Tea with Lemon, Unsweetened Iced Tea
    Iced Java

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