Egg Bread that's double dipped in an egg, vanilla, and cream batter. Sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

  • Full Order-3 thick
  • Short Stack-2 pancakes
  • Short Stack & 2 Eggs
  • 2 Slices with Choice of Meat
  • Goin' Bananas French Toast: fresh sliced bananas in a scrumptious caramel vanilla sauce and whipped cream topping our famous French Toast (3 slices)

    served with butter and maple syrup

  • Chocolate Chip Pancakes 3 pancakes chocked full of yummy warm chocolate chips and topped with fluffy whipped cream
  • 3 Golden Pancakes
  • 2 Pancakes, 2 Large Eggs & choice of breakfast meat (bacon, scrapple or sausage)
  • Short Stack Pancakes 2 cakes
  • Short Steak & 2 Large Eggs

    White, Wheat, Rye or English Muffin
    or Bagel

  • Egg & Meat (bacon, scrapple or sausage)
  • Egg, Meat & Cheese (bacon, scrapple or sausage)
  • Country Ham, Egg & Cheese

    Freshly Brewed Columbian Coffee
    Hot Tea
    Hot Cocoa
    Juices: Orange Juice, Apple Juice (one size), V-8 (12oz)
    Milk, Chocolate Milk
    Assorted Bottled Drinks
    Sodas: Coke, Diet Coke, Sierra Mist, Root Beer, Pink Lemonade, Sweet Tea with Lemon, Unsweetened Iced Tea
    Iced Java
  • All Omelets served w/complimentary toast & homefries

  • Bacon & Cheese Omelet crispy bacon American & Provolone
  • Western Omelet stuffed with diced ham, green peppers, onions, American & Provolone cheese
  • Cheese Omelet American & Provolone
  • Ham & Cheese Omelet diced ham, American and Provolone cheese
  • Mushroom & Cheese diced mushrooms, American & Provolone cheese
  • Spinach Omelet tasty feta cheese, spinach
  • Veggie Omelete diced mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and onions (no substitutions!) With American Cheese
  • Mediterranean Omelet Delicious Feta Cheese with Black Olives & diced tomatoes

    Any style except poached & hard boiled

  • 2 Fresh Eggs Homefries & Toast
  • 2 Fresh Eggs & Choice of Meat (bacon, scrapple or sausage) & toast
  • Have it all!!!! 2 Fresh Eggs Choice of Meat (bacon, scrapple or sausage), homefires & toast

    Made fresh in our kitchen daily.
    Our own chipped beef in gravy, ladled atop toast, served with homefried potatoes.

    Bacon, Scrapple or Sausage
    Country Sliced Ham
    Side of Cream Chipped Beef
    Homefried Potatoes
    Toast/English Muffin
    Fresh Fruit
    Toasted Bagel
    w/ Cream Cheese
    Extra Egg
    One Pancake
    One Chocolate Chip Pancake

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    cooked up by the cyrus company